• Master classes by V.M. Bronnikov

    V.M. Bronnikov visits the Netherlands several times a year. This is the oportunity to follow special Masterclasses & Workshops given by the author himself.
  • Lost my ballast!

    During Level 1 I felt a burst of emotions, I felt like being relieved of something. I literally lost weight, lost some kind of ballast. Level 2 was phenomenal, it completed the puzzle. The other way of memorizing and dealing with information really made sense because of my dyslexia and learning problems. More and more I could let go of my constant analytical thinking.
  • Great revelation!

    It is a great revelation to follow especially the second training, in which you activate the enormous potential of the biocomputer. Seeing and experiencing with your eyes closed is an experience you cannot miss and which develops you mentally and physically.    
  • Life has started again!

    I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Now I get my energy back much faster, I am more alert, have more strength, have better concentration and I feel like having fun with family and friends again. Life has started again.    
  • Granting my big wish!

    I was taking medications for ADD, autism and came home covered with bruises every day. I was picked on at school, beat up and got bad grades. After Level 1 my concentration improved immensely and after Level 2 I went to a sports camp and ended up with 3 friends… Granting my big wish.
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"Bronnikov-Fekleron" system



1. Local government: Active to Work with Bronnikov Fekleron

2. Education: From Dyslexia to Genius

3. Business: Personal Branding (open application or in-company)

4. Social: World of Sight and Vision

5. Spirituality: Gates to the White Throne 
                     Letter to the American Shamans - guardians of Spider Rock


FOCUS TO is an active organization with the focus on the future. Our programs and projects are based on the Bronnikov Fekleron system. As of 2001 our strength lies in all fields of human development, change management and creating new career possibilities. Your own experience, personal growth and active involvement are our focus points. We believe in aiding each other’s development and taking matters into ones own hands. From this point of view we develop innovative programs in cooperation with Noosphere World Corporation and V.M. Bronnikov. This way we support personal and/or business challenges and develop new markets through franchising.

Create a world with possibilities, where dreams become reality. Opening of new qualities in people, which are necessary to have a healthy, successful and happy life. Activate the already existing potential, so they can develop into a person who is able to generate new ideas, who has a progressive vision, who is able to plan years ahead, who transforms changes into usable tools and who is an ongoing development process so he/she is able to solve future problems.